Athens Wedding Limos FAQ's, Continued

Q: "Service, Service, Service" is the motto. How do I know service is REALLY your priority?
A: Your experience with us is paramount. We've built our business and reputation on Service, Service, Service. It is our number one priority! We encourage you to read the testimonials from our customers. And with any vendor, ask for'll see plenty on our website!

Q: Do you offer contracts to secure your services?
A: Yes. Absolutely. We recommend to do business only with a company that insists on a written contract.

Q: What are the payment options?
A: We accept a variety of payment options including; but not limited to, cash, check, credit cards. We've even been known to barter!

Q: What is your policy about alcohol in the limousines?
A: This is a very important matter. Clients of legal drinking age (21 in the U.S.) are welcome to bring their own alcoholic beverages during the voyage. Athens Wedding Limos' stretch limos have at least one bar with fine crystal glasses. Our in-car bars also come equipped with an ice chest and free non-alcoholic beverages. Typically, the vehicles come with a fully stocked bar including champagne for a newlywed couple, water, soft drinks. A variety of other options are available, please inquire for specific needs.

Q: What if we have gone over our reservation time but want to keep the party going?
A: No problem! This is not uncommon and you may continue your limo reservation provided that yours is the last reservation of the day OR provided there are no other reservations that day for that vehicle.